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I like scary books and romantic books.

Awkwardly Ever After By:Marni Bates

  particular places the main focus on the trials and tribulations of Melanie Morris; her best friend Isobel Peters; or “Izzie”; and their mutual friend Corey O’Neal. While these are all characters we have “met” before, the author doesn’t assume you know any back story.

Melanie is embarrassed of her alcoholic father, Izzie is not as slender as is considered socially acceptable, and Corey is struggling with a relationship with member of a very popular boy band, meaning that he not only has to deal with the usual harassment over being gay, but the relentless pursuit of the paparazzi as well.

In addition, there is the whole nightmare of high school in general, especially as prom approaches. As Izzie muses:

If my high school experience was a rollercoaster, it would probably be called ‘Crap Mountain’ and involve a lot of gut-wrenchingly sharp twists and turns.”

The author (through the voice of Izzie) perfectly identifies the high school places least likely to provide good hide-outs:

…bathrooms are notorious for being the place where the worst possible stuff goes down in high school. Bathrooms, locker rooms, and cafeterias. The place where everyone is supposed to be able to peacefully coexist are the ones most fraught with danger.”

But if all this sounds like the book is dark and depressing, it is in fact just the opposite. Not only does Marni Bates load her books with laugh-out-loud humor, but the good guys always come out on top.



The Great Gilly Hopkins By:Katherine Paterson

The past weeks I've been reading  book The Great Gilly Hopkins and i finding pretty intresting. =

“The Great Gilly Hopkins” is a young adult novel by Katherine Paterson, which details the experiences of eleven year-old Galadriel “Gilly” Hopkins in the foster care system. Gilly prides herself on being a rambunctious and difficult child. She hopes that one day she will be reunited with her true mother, Courtney Rutherford Hopkins, a stunningly beautiful woman and member of the flower child movement.


Gilly comes to live at the Trotter household in Thompson Park, Maryland, overseen by Mrs. Trotter, and lived in by William Earnest Teague, a slightly mentally-handicapped seven year-old. Mrs. Trotter cares for her elderly neighbor, Mr. Randolph, who is blind and black –things which annoy Gilly at first. Everything about Mrs. Trotter, William, and Mr. Randolph annoys Gilly at first. So, she plots to flee the home and head to California to see her mother. Despite the genuinely kind nature of Mrs. Trotter and Mr. Randolph, Gilly steals money from both of them and attempts to flee west. She is caught by the police, and Mrs. Trotter brings her home rather than pressing charges on her.

oon after, Gilly writes a letter to her mother, speaking of deplorable living conditions, but she hears nothing back. Time passes, and Gilly grows much closer to Mrs. Trotter, William, and Mr. Randolph. She feels loved and needed by her unorthodox family. Ultimately, Nonnie, who is Gilly’s grandmother, shows up. Having heard from her daughter Courtney for the first time in thirteen years, Nonnie is checking to see how things are with Gilly. A case is made, and Gilly is taken from the Trotter household by social services. Nonnie brings Gilly to her home in Virginia. Gilly regrets leaving Mrs. Trotter, William, and Mr. Randolph behind. However, though she misses them terribly, she and her grandmother warm up to each other. Over time, Gilly comes to love her grandmother very much, although


Surprisingly, Courtney comes to visit from California, but Gilly is horrified by two things. First, Courtney looks nothing like her old photo. She is haggard and disheveled, having wasted away much of her life. Secondly, Courtney has only come to visit Gilly because Nonnie has paid her to do so. Gilly is beside herself with grief. She calls Mrs. Trotter from the airport. But, Mrs. Trotter tells her that Gilly's home is with Nonnie. Gilly accepts this and tells her grandmother she is ready to go home.


If I Stay by Gayle Forman

— feeling cry

After reading the book I I Stay by Gayle Forman i feel kind of sad at  the end ... This book was really emotional. This book was actually surprisingly short, or compact would be a better word, and that's my first positive. I like the fact that Gayle Forman didn't blow this topic up into a book that was 400 pages long and water down the point, and kept it to a nice amount; just over 200 pages. Short, but definitely sweet as well.Mia enters a state of… 'non-death' (?) and watches over as her body is operated on and transported from ward to ward until it ends up in the ICU. She watches as people come and go, watching her body. The rest of the book is based upon Mia reflecting over her life and what she's accomplished and achieved and answering the ultimate question: Should I Stay or Should I Go?. is is a really interesting book to read as it tackles a sense of achievement and also overcomes that stereotype against musicians that they can't have boyfriends who are into modern stuff (Adam) or they have no friends or they can't achieve anything in day to day life because it's a dying art. I like that.